Guyana: GuySuCo achieves 79.6% of first-crop target

  • THE Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), despite its dire constraints and the existing economic conditions, has managed to produce 37,015 tonnes of sugar during the ‘first crop’ period for this year.

Its ‘first crop’ production was equivalent to 79.6 per cent of its target, which was 46,476 tonnes of sugar.
GuySuCo, in a press statement, said the crop was closed with 1,093 hectares- 762 hectares at Albion/Port Mourant Estate and 331 hectares at Blairmont Estate- of “carried over” canes to be harvested. This translates to 66,000 tonnes of cane that will be carried over to the second crop of 2020.
The actual sugar cane processed for the first crop was 492,910, as against the budgeted 539,460. The budgeted molasses was 19,624 while the actual production was 21,194; a surplus of 1,569.

Meanwhile, the average attendance rate for the season was 54.3 per cent across the industry. Harvesters’ attendance at the Albion/Port Mourant Estate was 54 per cent, Blairmont Estate was 50 per cent and Uitvlugt Estate was 64 per cent.

“It should be noted that the first crop attendance was impacted by the circumstances surrounding the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), which saw the employees being off of work for two weeks and this also contributed to the shortfall,” said GuySuCo.


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