Electric vehicle charge station expansion in the Dominican Republic

Betting on sustainability and clean mobility, Centro Cuesta Nacional (CCN) announced the new facility of a route of charging stations for electric vehicles with coverage from Punta Cana to Santiago, in the stores of Supermercados Nacional and Jumbo.“We believe that through sustainable actions we achieve a better environment, which is why we recognize that electric mobility is a way of guaranteeing the sustainability of transport in the future. Understanding our responsibility as a company committed to sustainability, we joined Evergo to place state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging stations in our branches,” said José Miguel González Cuadra, executive president of CCN.

Currently, the network has chargers in seven branches of Centro Cuesta Nacional. In addition, there are chargers installed in Jumbo Luperón and La Romana. The project is being carried out in partnership with Interenergy Systems Dominicana, and its Evergo technology platform, which also includes the Punta Cana – Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM).


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