The people who are looking forward to Ronald Hooghart’s resignation as chairman of the Central National Servant Organizations (CLO), will come home from a cold fair. This is what the once famous union leader said on Saturday in response to the protest against his way of leading.

The day before, Friday, eight of the fourteen board members turned against him. The aim is to elect a new ‘representative leader’ for the National Servants Union within three months. The dissatisfied board members have passed a no-confidence motion against Hooghart, but he says he has not seen any motion. Moreover, according to him, the chairman cannot be overthrown by a vote of no confidence. “If you think you have given up confidence in the chairman, you have to get out of there. What have they ever done?”

The chairman labeled the disgruntled executives as “a gang of traitors who want to eat from the meat pots of the VHP.” Especially for Michael Miskin, until recently a confidential advisor to Hooghart, he did not have a good word about it. “I have always supported him. Even when then President Bouterse no longer wanted to maintain him in the cabinet, I have stood behind him. Now that the board is doing this you are facing me. Then you are the main matador traitor”, says a clearly irritated Hooghart. “I’ve always told him he’ll be the chairman after me. But he thinks he’s getting old and blind. So he already wants to sit down, but you’re not going to sell your friend?”


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