Grenada: Statement on the fight against tyranny

Yesterday, the people of Grenada united and prevailed in one of many battles that will be fought in the struggle against a burgeoning dictatorship in our country.

The NDC through its Public Relations Officer, voiced its strong objection to the attempt by Keith Mitchell and his administration to use the Parliament to impose martial law, thereby turning Grenada into a police state under the cover of the fight against Covid-19. We must stand vigilant and always be reminded that dictators and tyrants often use the very institutions of democracy, in this case the Parliament, to slowly, steadily and ‘legally’ destroy democracy.

The NDC salutes the people of Grenada for answering its call, and that of other patriots to rise up in defence of our country and our democracy. Particularly, NDC salutes the youth of Grenada who stood up and demonstrated just how much strength there is in unity. We are heartened by the awakened consciousness of our young people because our country cannot be rescued without their full participation.


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