Barbados: Improved Merchant Shipping legislation on the cards

Last week at the launch of a Regional Logistics Hub in the Port of Bridgetown, Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy, Kirk Humphrey, announced that the ministry was reviewing the shipping legislation.

Minister Humphrey outlined the goal of the ministry was for Barbados not to fall down in areas which it had struggled in previous maritime audits.

“We are working steadfastly to reverse that trend and to ensure that Barbados is good in every single area. That is why very soon we will be taking to Cabinet and hopefully to Parliament a new merchant shipping legislation that speaks to the international responsibilities that we have and the way that we plan to satisfy them and take advantage of these opportunities,” said Humphrey.

The minister contended that the implementation of the ASYCUDA World system was also one of the steps taken by the Government to raise the standard of efficiency. Humphrey pointed out that in the past dealing with the unpacking of containers, it took three or four days, but was now taking two days.


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