“Shut The Eff Up Forever” – Morning Show Host Slams Biden For Calling Trump “The First Racist President”

Political affiliations and preferences are a funny thing, especially in the US, where black and latino Democratic voters repeatedly chose former Vice President Joe Biden over his more progressive rivals (Bernie, Warren), as well as DNC insider favorite Kamala Harris (whom the Bernie Bros successfully tarred as “Cop-mala”).

Biden’s unwavering popularity with minority voters is one of the few legitimate strengths in the Biden column. Of course, the most jarring thing about Biden and his campaign right now is the fact that he’s reportedly been hiding out in his basement and only doing a limited number of speeches and media appearances. The few campaign-related interviews Biden does do are inexplicably buried by mainstream (ie Democratic Party-aligned) media orgs, if they’re covered at all.

One example of this occurred earlier this week, when one of the most popular radio hosts in the country – “The Breakfast Club” radio host Charlamagne Tha God – derided Biden and his penchant to mistakenly violate progressive orthodoxies, saying he “wished [Biden] would shut the eff up forever” and go back to hiding in the basement.


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