Guyana: Any refusal of Granger to leave office after declaration will be resisted – Jagdeo

Amid continuing signs that APNU+AFC will not accept a declaration by GECOM of the results based on the national recount, PPP General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo today said that President David Granger and the riggers supporting him are living in a fool’s world if they believe they will get away with that.

A statement issued by Jagdeo today follows:


In a statement issued yesterday the APNU+AFC said that it will not be accepting any declaration based on the figures derived from the National Recount.
This is in clear defiance of the international community, the Chief Justice, the CCJ and GECOM who have all been clear that any declaration has to be made on the basis of the figures from the recount, and also in contrast to earlier statements by President Granger that he will accept any declaration made by GECOM.
No one should be surprised as the PNC which Granger leads and which is essentially the APNU+AFC, has a history of not accepting the results of every election that they have lost since 1992.


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