NYC: Brooklyn woman killed over fireworks was following Boro Prez Eric Adams’ lead: mom

A Brooklyn woman who followed Borough President Eric Adams’ advice for New Yorkers to settle disputes neighbor-to-neighbor rather than calling 911 wound up shot dead after she confronted some punks setting off illegal fireworks, the victim’s grieving mom said.

Shatavia Walls, 33, was blasted eight times in an East New York public-housing complex on July 7, simply for asking the fiends to take their dangerous display away from a group of playing kids exactly how Adams had urged constituents to act in the face of the pyrotechnic plague.

“She watched the news. Yes, she heard it,” Helen Testagros, Walls’ heartbroken mother, told The Post on Sunday, referring to Adams’ advice. “It was probably in the back of her mind.”

Amid skyrocketing complaints of illegal fireworks detonations, Adams on June 21 said that people should talk to their neighbors about the “nonviolent act,” rather than call the authorities and risk a “heavy-handed” police response.


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