Anger and frustration can jump-start creativity. Use these 3 tricks to channel it productively

Are you angry? Are you frustrated? You’re not alone. In fact, chances are you’re in the majority at the moment. Springtime saw millions of workers terminated or furloughed as a cureless, rampant virus took hold. And now a surge of human rights injustices are compounding our anger and frustration, and virtual activism is one of our only safe outlets. (Did you belligerently unfriend half your Facebook connections from high school this last month? I did.) With no end in sight, there’s certainly a lot to be angry about.

From a young age, we’re taught that anger is negative and an unproductive emotion that needs to be mitigated. Anger doesn’t seem to fit in with the “pleasure principle,” our human instinct to seek positive feelings and avoid pain. To say that suffering and frustration are heightened at the moment is putting it lightly. But we should avoid being angry about it . . . right?


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