Netflix’s ‘Fatal Affair’ is a perfect ’90s throwback thriller for your weekend streaming

Absolutely nothing about the movie Fatal Affair will surprise you—in the most refreshing way.

Netflix’s foray into the simmering psychosexual thriller space is pure nostalgic escapism, a ’90s throwback that chucks viewers into a much simpler time. It’s essentially the “Macarena” scene from last year’s Richard Jewell, stretched out to a tidy 90 minutes, but sexier.

Just take a look at that title, Fatal Affair. Let it roll around in your brain for a moment. When the late, great Carl Reiner chose a name for his parody of movies in the genre Fatal Affair belongs to, back in 1993, he landed on Fatal Instinct. Nearly 30 years later, the new film’s title is practically indistinguishable from a spoof of similarly themed two-word efforts like Fatal AttractionBasic InstinctUnlawful Entry, and Final Analysis.


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