THE GRANTING of exemptions for nationals outside of TT to return cannot be based on emotions, said the Prime Minister.

“It is only when you get down to the personal level and you see the personal pain and the personal hardship then you begin to think that maybe you should have the decisions made on emotion and let everybody come in. Or let people come from heavily infected areas in large numbers. But then what does that do to the basic policy up front of lives and livelihood.”

He was speaking on Monday at a media briefing held at the Diplomatic Centre, Port of Spain.

He stressed that from the global perspective the Government in dealing with exemptions and treating with our citizens outside via a “faceless, nameless exercise”.

He added: “There are people out there who are in hardship, and we empathise with that, but then the policy cannot be that who gets on television first and cries on television (gets the exemption). If that is how it is then you will not be able to have an effective system where these said people can enter.”


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