Suriname: Markets quiet on first reopening day

Is it the fear of the coronavirus, are it the buses that are not driving or is the consumer doing his shopping elsewhere? After four months of closure, the Central Market and the Peaceful Market reopened on Monday, but to say that it was stormy? No. According to police commander Nadia Burga-Soekhnandan, this is because the buses are not running and that makes a difference in safety according to her.

Shirley Witteling is a daily visitor to the Central Market. “It is my passion and my life here. I come there every day. I do not listen to what the exhibitor tells me to do, but take my responsibility by wearing my nose and mouth protection. And I make sure I have enough distance. “

Roy Kanhai himself was a market vendor for many years and took a look yesterday. “It is impossible to do that. The market is a flexible place where people go up and down. There are no walking markings, simply because that would not work either.” He does point out everyone’s own responsibility. Because according to Kanhai people are stubborn and stubborn. “Some people don’t care about anything. Corona is and remains, we will really have to get used to it and learn to live with it.”


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