Jamaica: A CRIMINAL’S NIGHTMARE – Cops Reaping Success From Chinese High-Tech Surveillance System In MoBay

The high-tech surveillance cameras equipped with facial-recognition software being installed by Chinese business operators across the Second City have already been reaping success. The devices, which can easily pick up faces up to a mile away even in heavy rain, have been credited with a number of arrests.

The cameras are the latest tools in the fight against crime in Montego Bay, St James, where the robbery-weary Chinese business community has turned to the system to identify and expose the brazen robbers, who have been targeting them in several multimillion-dollar heists.

In 2018, the national closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system, better known as JamaicaEye, outlined an ambitious plan to cover the western city with an additional 300 CCTV cameras by the end of that year. However, it is unclear as to what has become of the plan and how many cameras have actually been installed across the city.

However, a respected security expert tells The Gleaner that he believes that the Chinese’s assessment that the city needs at least 100 high-quality cameras to be properly covered is an accurate estimation. According to him, the cameras that the Chinese are touting are equipped with the latest facial-recognition software and have the capacity to capture clear images from as far away as a mile away, even in adverse weather conditions, which could be exactly what the western city needs.


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