NOT yet formally launched, the 12 month Barbados Welcome Stamp has
already gone viral on social media, garnering tremendous interest from
across the globe.

This is according to Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley, who yesterday
connected with well-known Barbadian born, UK techno DJ and producer
Carl Cox, as she expressed her condolences on the passing of his
father Henry Carlisle Cox.

Prime Minister Mottley highlighted the interest in the Welcome Stamp
as she commended the work of all those living and working in the UK
and further abroad, with whom Barbados is seeking to develop a deeper

“We talked locally about a Barbados 12 month Welcome Stamp for anybody
in the world who wants to come and work from Barbados digitally. You
want to come here for the next twelve months and live here in a
relatively safe location, wonderful breeze, all of the facilities to
do your work, but do it next to the sea and the sun for a change.

“The thing has gone viral – all over, both sides of the Atlantic. I
have just been doing interviews for the last three or five days, 25-30
newspapers. It goes to show that you can use here to be a hub and be a
global citizen from here, but allow the best of Barbados and the
Caribbean to flavour in all that you are doing.”


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