Dominican Republic: Office of the Attorney General implicates PRM candidate in the network

The Public Ministry arrested and dismantled yesterday in La Vega a network supposedly dedicated to money laundering as a result of drug trafficking that, in recent years, would have mobilized more than RD $ 7,000 million in the national financial system and whose leader would be Miguel Arturo López Florencio, husband by Rosa Amalia Pilarte López, candidate for deputy of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) for La Vega.

Both were arrested
Their sons José Miguel and Miguel Arturo López Pilarte were also arrested; his sister-in-law Ada María Pilarte and the husband of the latter Manuel Antonio Ynoa.

According to the Attorney General, López Florencio and his wife Rosa Amalia, who is a dentist by profession, used the employee José Antonio Román as figurehead to hide the values; and his close relatives to hide property and other assets.

In addition, that in the name of Román and various companies, the alleged head of the money laundering network came to make deposits amounting to RD $ 3,168,764,813.00
He claims that through his wife López Florencio he made financial transactions that amounted to $ 2,593,377,316.00, “Evidencing that it is also an essential part of the network of money laundering from drug trafficking.”

According to the report, the resources moved in the financial sector do not correspond to the reports of the accused to the General Directorate of Internal Taxes, since they created portfolio companies for the placement of these sums in the formal market.


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