When the election of a new president and vice president is held later today in The National National Assembly (DNA), the NDP cannot nominate candidates for these positions. The NDP board met on Sunday evening and this issue was also discussed. After the admission of the elected members and the installation of the new parliament, Abop and VHP will nominate candidates for the chairmanship and vice-chairmanship of the college, respectively.

When asked, NDP spokesman Melvin Bouva tells Ware Time that it will be announced later today what the NDP group will do. “Yes, we also talked about it. It is therefore not excluded that the NDP will come up with candidates, but for strategic reasons I cannot say anything about it now,” said Bouva. The politician who was vice-president in the previous parliament, says he is not interested in the position of DNA president.

“I have other ambitions,” he says. However, should the NDP decide to present a nominee for president and nominee for vice president and he would be asked, Bouva will consider this. The party top decided on Sunday evening that André Misiekaba will be re-appointed as party leader in parliament. Rabin Parmessar will be his first replacement and Bouva the second.


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