Belize: Shyne Reportedly Running for House of Representatives in Belize

Shyne, a former Bad Boy Records artist, and son of Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow, was recently nominated by the United Democratic Party to be a candidate for the Belize House of Representatives for the constituency of Mesopotamia in Belize City. This comes years after his pops became the first Black prime minister of Belize. Since then, Diddy has spoken on Shyne’s transition into politics.

Diddy took to Instagram and commented on Shyne’s move to run for the House of Representatives, saying, “BELIZE 🇧🇿 I’m so proud of my brother @shyne_bz and the journey he is on. He is running for the House of Representatives and needs your support. #BadBoy4Life ✊🏿🖤.”

If Shyne—now known as Moses Michael Levi Barrow, gets voted in, he will be replacing his uncle Michael Finnegan. His uncle noted in 2017 that he would not be looking to get re-elected after his term was up, and indicated he wanted his nephew to replace him.

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