Dominican Republic: Danilo Medina encourages the PLD; predicts Gonzalo’s victory

The President of the Republic Danilo Medina yesterday made a vehement call to the high command of the Dominican Liberation Party to fight at the polls for the votes of the purple candidates and not to believe in the results of the polls that in his opinion they seek to create “A false and unreal scenario”.

When leading a meeting with the Central Committee and part of the PLD Political Committee, Medina questioned whether that organization appears 27 points below in recent polls, after the municipal elections of March 15, “when everything that has happened after those elections, it favors the Dominican Liberation Party. ”

“Everything that has happened after those elections favors the Dominican Liberation Party. Tell me, what has comrade Gonzalo Castillo done to take away votes from the PLD, “said the president. The president warned the purple leadership to visualize the panorama clearly as the Modern Revolutionary Party seeks to conceive an environment that pretends that they will win with more 50% of the votes.

“What we are dealing with here is creating a false scenario. A scenario of victory in the first round that they do not have for when the results of the elections come, saying that the Dominican Liberation Party cheated on them and that they will not accept the results. That is their plan, ”he said in an energetic voice to his purple partials.

The head of state was clear in assuring that the PLD will win the elections, but was careful to predict how the results will be.

“The truth is that we are going to win these elections. I do not know if we will win in the first or second round, but we are going to win these elections, ”Medina said, unleashing a shower of applause from those present.


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