COVID 19 SPREAD# Scientists agree on how the coronavirus is spread

Six months after the first case of coronavirus became known in China, a consensus begins to form in science about how people get infected.

Contrary to what was originally believed, there  are many researchers who claim that it is rare to get coronavirus coming into contact with a contaminated surface, as well as during a fleeting and outdoor encounter with people who are infected . Instead, one of the most common circumstances for infections would be face-to-face encounters and interactions between people for prolonged periods.

The scenarios where the risk of contagion is high are in massive events, in poorly ventilated spaces and in places where people speak loudly or sing , as determined by a group of experts cited by  an article  in  The Wall Street Journal and reproduced by INFOBAE.

These recent discoveries and agreements among the scientific community are  helping companies and individual governments to devise reopening strategies  that do not jeopardize public health, as economies get back on track.

Strategies include installing  plexiglass or polymethyl methacrylate barriers , requiring and expanding the  use of face masks  in stores and other transit spaces, implementing  good ventilation systems,  and maintaining open windows when possible.

The results of the latest research, looking at measures taken in different cities, showed that quarantines (including orders to stay home, bans on large meetings and business closings) did in fact prevent millions of infections and deaths across the world. world.


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