Trinidad: PNM selects attorney for La Brea

THE PEOPLE’S National Movement (PNM) has selected attorney Steve McLatchie as the candidate for the La Brea constituency.

He was chosen from a group of four nominees screened on Tuesday evening at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s.

Before he was selected, McLatchie told Newsday the screening went quite well.

“I have offered myself to be candidate for the La Brea constituency and, depending on what happens today, you will know a whole lot more about me. So I prefer to keep it until then.”

He said he has an oil and gas background and has worked in several organisations.

Chairman of the La Brea constituency, Wayne Wood, described McLatchie as a “procurement consultant.” He reported that it was the third screening for the seat.

“The party has a long history and the process works for the mutual benefit of all.”

He said, initially seven people were to be screened but two withdrew. Karla Morris, a banker, did not show up and only four were screened: McLatchie, attorney Athena Ryan-Abbot, attorney and councillor for Palo Seco Dana O’Neil Gervais, and councillor from the Point Foint Borough Corporation Brianna Fortune-John.

The screening process began at 5 pm and by 6.30 pm the last nominee was screened.

The nominations of former public utilities minister Robert Le Hunte and incumbent MP Nicole Olivierre had been previously put on hold.


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