Cuba: What Can Afro-Cubans Expect from the Opposition and Exiles?

The death of African-American George Floyd due to excessive use of force employed by a white police officer, and the ensuing protests by the Black Lives Matter movement and many other people outraged by the incident, have sparked controversy among Cubans on social media.

Some of the comments raise the question as to whether racism, which the island’s government has never demonstrated any real resolution to eliminate in the past 60 years, is just as prevalent among Cuban dissidents and expatriates.

A few days ago Antonio Madrazo told DIARIO DE CUBA that: “for a long time Cubans on the other shore have been indifferent to the African-American political community’s cause, which is the result of racist notions harbored by much of those making up the ‘diaspora’.”

Eliecer Avila, founder of the opposition movement Somos+, and an émigré since 2017, seems to provide evidence supporting Madrazo’s harsh assessment, as Avila suggested, in a debate with a young man named Sandor Valdes, that if the unemployment rate of African-Americans in the last 60 years has always been double that of white Americans (data that was provided by Valdes), it is because they are unwilling to work.


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