Suriname: Citizens demand ground papers from RGB

A number of citizens who have been waiting for ground papers for several years went to the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Land and Forest Management (RGB) on Monday to demand that they be corrected. They believe that they have been fooled by Minister Lekhram Soerdjan and other government representatives who had told them that things would be settled.

Jenny Verveer did not go to the ministry on Monday. In recent weeks she has contacted the minister, but without result. On May 16, 2003 she applied for a parcel in the Tawajariepolder that is registered as a free domain and her documents have since been lost. Now she fears that she will no longer be eligible for the site, because a neighbor who already owns a plot wants to take possession of this site in addition to the one she has requested.

From the documents she shows the Ware Tijd , it appears that over the years the various government departments involved in the issue of domain soil have given advice ‘no objection’ that women are allocated the site of approximately one hectare. “I have patted, called the minister: no answer,” she told de Ware Tijd .

Gita Bacha went to the ministry on Monday. She is desperate. This woman had applied for nine acres of land. At one point she was told by RGB officials that the place for which she would have already received a declaration of willingness would no longer be given to her. The piece of land would be used to set up a business and for other purposes. In return, Bacha would get another plot. However, that has not happened despite firm commitments.


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