Dominican Republic: Gallup Survey – Today: 66% of citizens would not stop voting for fear of COVID-19

66.8% of citizens would not stop going to vote in the congressional and presidential elections for fear of catching covid-19, the Gallup-Hoy survey expresses in its latest study, which also indicates that 32.2% would stop voting. for fear of that disease.
The pandemic, whose first cases in the country were reported in late February, has killed 669 people, and more than 27,000 infections

In terms of ages, 79.1% of adults 55 and over, and 68.4% of the 25 to 54 segment, would not stop voting on July 5; as well as 75% of men and 57.9% of women.
Based on political preferences, more than 70% of those who sympathize with the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) and the People’s Force (FP) would not stop voting. In the same way, 61.8% of those who have a preference for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) expressed themselves.

Why do they want to vote. Among citizens who want to vote, despite the risk of getting covid-19, 46% will do so because they believe that there must be a change in the country, according to data from the survey conducted from 12 to 16 this month.
Regarding the area of ​​residence of the interviewees, 50% of those living in the metropolitan area (Santo Domingo province and National District) say that they will vote for a change, just like 47.7% of residents in the North region.

Similarly, 48% of men, 44% of women, and 49.5% of adults aged 35 to 44 expressed themselves.


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