Jamaica: Russian Agent In JCF – Well, Kinda – Explosives Sniffer Worked Obama’s Visit

After having been on the tail of criminals for years, one of the top dogs of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is about to press ‘paws’ on his career.

Patreek is an eight-year-old German Shepherd that responds to commands only in Russian. And he has allegiance to one person – his handler, Inspector Gregory Ottar, chief canine trainer at the JCF’s Canine Division.

The two developed an inseparable bond back in 2013 during a three-month training regimen in Russia, Patreek’s homeland. Since the top dog’s arrival in Jamaica that same year, Patreek has shown himself to have distinctive pedigree among equals.

Ottar disclosed during an interview with The Gleaner that Patreek’s response exclusively to commands in Russian was the wish of the administration at his home canine training school in Russia.

“One of the reasons is less distraction because if you are working and somebody knows the command, it can distract the dog,” he said.

The inspector said that Patreek was the only dog in the division that responded to commands in Russian. There are other dogs who are trained to respond to Dutch or English.

“He’s smart, intelligent, loyal, disciplined, and loving,” Ottar said of his pal and training partner.


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