Guyana: ‘Fresh elections under new list’

A SENIOR official of the APNUA+AFC Coalition is hopeful that the Court of Appeal would order fresh elections under a new list of electors.

The three-panel court will rule today on a series of orders being sought by the coalition regarding the March 2, 2020 polls. Should these orders be granted and the elections are nullified, the official said as a consequence the court should order fresh elections. “We have seen the Chief Elections Officer proffering what he called valid votes amounting to some 185,000 but we do not believe that those votes should be used to declare a winner, fresh elections under a new list would be the best solution to this crisis,” the official said.

Last week, when President David Granger was asked what should GECOM do given the report of the Chief Elections Officer which deemed the polls as massively flawed, he said that the Elections Commission could either instruct the CEO to compile a report for declaration, on the basis that the information contained in his report on the national recount is factual and credible, in its view, or it could decide that as a result of the “huge body of irregularities” cited in the report on the national recount, the basis does not exist for a declaration to be made.


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