With tourism teetering due to the covid-19 pandemic, there are
increasing questions about diversifying the economy, which Prime
Minister Mia Amor Mottley said is a matter that has long been engaging
the attention of her Government.

Her comments came during the We Gatherin’ 2020 – The Online Edition on
Saturday night, where she explained that while steps are being taken
to diversify the economy, tourism is here to stay.
“Tourism is not going to go anywhere – we will always have to be that
hub that is open to the world, for people visiting, for people wanting
to invest, for people wanting to transit to somewhere else,” she told
those locked on to the conversation.

With that in mind, the PM made it clear that the reopening of the
country to commercial air traffic will not be driven by any particular
date, but what Government believes, based on the advice of the health
authorities, to be the safe protocols.

“We have said we are going to use a brake and accelerator. We are
going to manage risks. We are going to look at those countries and see
how we can first start with the greatest chances of the risks being
low. There are some countries where the risk is clearly lower than
others and we are also trying to put the protocols in place – from
testing and screening and all the temperature checks – all the things
that would matter in order to be able to get people comfortable. And
when they come to Barbados, they are not only coming to a place that
is safe, but that they themselves would remain safe during their
period of stay here,” she stated.


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