Suriname Covid-19: Bad Weather Hinders Medical Mission

he heavy rains in the south of Suriname have meant that there has not yet been a follow-up mission to Sipaliwini district. Herman Jintie, director of Medical Mission (MZ), stated this on Sunday during the regular press conference of the Covid-19 management team.

An initial epidemiological mission to the south early last week revealed eleven cases of contamination in the village of Sipaliwini. A plan of action was immediately drawn up, “but due to undesirable conditions in the south, we have not been back,” Jintie said. According to him, due to the heavy rains, all airports are impassable with the exception of Kawemhakan in the southeast. “So no flights can be made to the area, so the mission we have planned has not been completed.”

Although he finds that “unfortunate”, Jintie assured that the MZ is monitoring the situation. “We have daily contact with the village and our clinic on the spot. Fortunately, the situation has not worsened. On the contrary, people are doing well and there are no new cases of flu or flu-related symptoms.” According to the director, the team is ready to leave and is now looking at other opportunities to visit the area. “There is daily contact with the airline that is ready to transport us, as well as the aviation and outpatient clinics of Kwamalasamutu and Sipaliwini.”

Gwendoline Babel, Deputy Director of National Security, also addressed citizens from southern Suriname. Stranded natives from Tepu, Kwamalasamutu and Sipaliwinisavanne will be provided with a food package in consultation with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing. Attempts will also be made to return them to their home areas as soon as possible. The National Army will also deploy helicopters to distribute food parcels in the south. District Commissioners and the Association of Indigenous Village Heads will be involved.


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