Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley has made a move to initiate discussion
between public health officials in Barbados and Canada in a bid to
reanimate tourism traffic from one of the island’s largest source
markets. During an interview aired on Tuesday with Vassy Kapelos of
the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Power and Politics, it was
revealed that Prime Minister Mottley had written a letter to her
Canadian counterpart to foster talks.

With Kapelos speaking to Mottley as she supports Canada’s bid for a
seat on the United Nations Security Council, the latter, who also
currently chairs the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), explained that
Barbados and Canada have a long relation and share common values and
sought to move forward with a partner that walked the same path.

“Our countries cannot stay completely closed off from the rest of the
world – we are open economies. We are the most travel and tourism
dependent region in the world and one of the most trade dependent
regions in the world. So when you consider those things, we can’t stay
closed for long. But we have to find people, who like us, have a
commitment to safety and would provide a bio-safe environment such
that we can have the air bubbles or the air bridges in order to make
them safe when they come here and to keep our population safe when
they come,” she said.


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