“It will be a daunting task to fix all this. I estimate we are facing damage of at least US $ 100,000.” Sherida Mormon, director of Mets, does not sound very happy when she takes stock of the damage caused by the high water on Cola Creek in Para district.

“It just happened overnight. Yesterday (Monday) I got a call from the manager saying that the water is completely at the reception and when I came today (Tuesday) I saw the damage,” Mormon said in Tuesday. conversation with the True Time .

She explains that a recently partially completed dam has now collapsed again due to the pressure of the water, a lot of sand has been washed away and bridges that run along the water at the resort have been demolished and taken with the water. “Due to the measures implemented to curb the spread of Covid-19, we had insufficient income and manpower to completely restore the dam.”

According to her, the houses themselves have the least damage, “but there you can also see that quite a bit of sand has been washed away and needs to be replenished. The huts also need to be repaired, because now a lot of sand is gone”. The water is still at the edge of the sidewalks.


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