Suriname: Santokhi demands rectification from Dutch channel

VHP chairman Chandrikapersad Santokhi demands rectification from the Dutch radio station BNR regarding the presentation of an interview, which he gave to reporter Rudolf Hemming of that channel on Sunday. According to BNR, Santokhi would not be reluctant to extradite NDP chairman Desi Bouterse to the Netherlands, where he must serve a prison sentence for cocaine trafficking.

The BNR news item has been taken over by a number of other Dutch media such as De Telegraaf , Het Parool and Algemeen Dagblad . “We appeal and consider immediate public rectification of the article that BNR has placed with the headline  Santokhi is open for extradition Bouterse to the Netherlands’. The headline is biased and in no way covers the content of the interview and the intentions. from Mr. Santokhi “, says a letter from the VHP to BNR .

The rectification must be carried out before the new airing at 10 am Dutch time on Thursday and the words of the politician must be correctly reproduced. The VHP states that during the interview Santokhi was asked questions about Bouterse’s position after a new government took office.

“At no point in time did Mr Santokhi indicate in those questions that he was considering extraditing Mr Bouterse to the Netherlands. Mr Santokhi’s position is consistent that matters relating to the enforcement of court judgments must be handled within the applicable legal system. That should be done independently without political interference “.


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