Dominican Republic: Raquel Peña: 4% to education has been “a real estate business”

For the vice-presidential candidate of the opposition Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Raquel Peña, the handling given by the government of the Dominican Liberation Party to the actions to confront the coronavirus pandemic has been “criminal”.

According to Luis Abinader’s ballot companion, it is unusual to want to insist on prolonging the state of emergency while the government is considering a total closure of the country for a week.

“That must have been at the beginning, and we asked it, but now it cannot be done; what you have to do is manage this virus as the protocol requires, “said Peña, during her participation in the Listin Diario breakfast, in which she was accompanied by her campaign coordinator, Jean Luis Rodríguez

In this first face-to-face Breakfast organized by LISTÍN since the pandemic in the country was announced, Manuel Corripio, president of the Editora Listin Diario; the director, Miguel Franjul; the deputy director, Fabio Cabral and Juan Eduardo Thomas, executive of the central table.

The candidate assures that the coronavirus pandemic came to reveal the deficiency of the health sector.

And he said that in some places there were no hospitals to refer those affected by the virus or for general medicine requirements.


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