Trinidad: Pensioner concerned about benefits

A PENSIONER from Couva is concerned over his inability to access benefits from the National Insurance Board (NIB). Krishna Deopersad, 60, of New Settlement, Dow Village said he has not been able to get his invalidity benefit and pension since last December.

Deopersad said he has visited the NIB’s office in Couva, where he regularly goes to collect his cheques, to find out when he would be receiving his cheques. He said on the times that he visited, he was unable to speak to any manager or supervisor about his concerns.

He said a security guard advised him to call the toll-free phone number which the NIB has asked its customers to call if they have queries. Deopersad said the situation has been challenging for him because he suffers from cardiac-related ailments.

He explained the money he receives from his invalidity benefit and pension help him to purchase his medication and pay his utility bills. Deopersad was concerned that measures implemented by the NIBTT as part of the national response to curb the spread of covid19 may have made the process for him to receive his money more difficult.


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