Suriname: New coalition talks to business and banks

VHP, Abop, NPS and Pertjajah Luhur, who are likely to form the new government, spoke with business organizations, the Surinam Bankers’ Association and the Medical Mission on Tuesday as part of their consultations with various social groups. “The crises facing our country can only be tackled through concerted effort,” said the collaborating parties.

During the series of interviews, the organizations give their views on the financial-economic problems and their uncertainties and concrete solution proposals. They are also asked about their expectations of the new government. The new coalition aims with these talks to promote transparency and to make policy based on the needs of the people.

It was the turn of the Association of Surinamese Business, the Association of Surinamese Manufacturers, the Association of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in Suriname and the Surinamese Banking Association. The video conference took place in a “frank atmosphere” and included presentations on the financial-economic problems and their consequences for the quality of life. The Medical Mission provided health care information, including the current inland Covid-19 situation.


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