Trinidad: ‘Racism fight long overdue’

SAYING the fight against racism was long overdue, US Ambassador to TT Joseph Mondello made an impromptu visit to a Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally on Monday at the Queen’s Park Savannah opposite the US Embassy.

Unlike last week, when the daily protests garnered a few people, hundreds were in attendance in support of the US-based BLM civil rights protest movement.

Mondello and his security detail were escorted by an activist and walked among protesters who maintained physical distancing while holding placards. Mondello later met with activist/musician Muhammad Muwakil. “I’m here because I believe in what these men and women are trying to transmit,” Mondello told Newsday.

“There are problems in our society that have to be alleviated.” Mondello then revealed that he had attended a school in Brooklyn in an area 80 per cent black and 20 per cent white. “If you didn’t get along together, you just didn’t make it. It is a shame the US didn’t develop so that people can get along.”

Hailing the protesters for wearing masks and keeping physical distancing amid the covid19 threat, Mondello said he was glad there was no violence at the rally unlike those in the US.


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