Suriname: Parties expect rejection of re-voting Paramaribo

The VHP finds the advice of the main polling station Paramaribo to hold a re-vote at the polling stations 185 and 188 in the Pontbuiten resort. In the first place, this is not what the NDP asked in its notice of objection. Nor would re-voting make any material difference to the results of the May 25 elections. That says Krishna Mathoera who attended the public session of main polling station Paramaribo on behalf of her party yesterday.

By official report, this body will advise the Central Electoral Committee (CHS) that there will be a re-vote because irregularities occurred at the aforementioned polling stations on election day. Wrong ballots were voted on, which was corrected later. However, it is not clear how many voters who have already cast their votes have come back to vote again.

Abop also sees no benefit in a second ballot. Abop representative Stanley Betterson says when asked that the Electoral Scheme clearly prescribes that if a political party disagrees with the state of affairs at a polling station that has to file a protest or objection on the spot. “This objection was made after everything had in fact already been recorded there at the polling stations. The objection therefore had to be dismissed as unfounded,” says the politician. “The advice, I think, will not be honored. It was too late to request a recount or re-vote.”

Mathoera found that the polling station did not substantiate its decision to advise for a re-vote. She sees this maneuver as a shift of the problem and responsibilities to the CHS. “During the public session, head polling chairman Mike Nerkust indicated that the decision was taken after coordination with the CHS, the Interior and OKB. I think that is not correct. That is in conflict with each other, because if you coordinate in advance you cannot give the advice because then you actually influence the decision, “says Mathoera.


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