J’can Employee Accuses Japanese Embassy Of Unfair Treatment

A Jamaican who was formerly employed to the Embassy of Japan in Kingston is seeking redress for the “unfair treatment” meted out to them by the embassy.

The accusation came after the local employee was said to be “unfairly terminated” in February 2019.

However, a statement from legal firm Nunes, Scholefield, DeLeon and Company, representing the Embassy of Japan, said their client has had a long-standing history of good relations with Jamaica, having established diplomatic relations in 1964.

“During that time the embassy has had Jamaican employees who have always been treated with dignity and fairness,” the law firm said, under the signature of attorney-at-law Tavia Dunn.

Senior trade unionist and industrial relations consultant, Vincent Morrison, representing the former employee, meanwhile, has expressed “grave concern over the manner in which the Japanese embassy in Kingston has been treating local Jamaican staff, and at the same time openly breaching the Labour Relations and Industrial Dispute Act and The Labour Code, with local employees having little or no opportunity to air grievances and resolve disputes or matters of dissatisfaction with officials of the local embassy”.

Morrison said he wrote the embassy in March 2019 on behalf of the terminated employee, and that a meeting was held in September 2019, adding that a promised response came only in February 2020.


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