Dominican Republic: Survey gives Abinader 52.1%, Gonzalo 34.5% and Leonel 8.2%

If the elections were today the candidate of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), Luis Abinader would get 52.1% of the votes; that of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Gonzalo Castillo, 34.5% and that of the People’s Force (FP), Leonel Fernández, 8.2%.

This is indicated by the Market & Quantifications survey, carried out on 1,200 voters, during the days of 2 to 4 of this month.

The results vary slightly, when asked who they think will win the Presidency of the Dominican Republic, since 51% chose Abinader as the winner; followed by Castillo, with 34.4% and ex-president Fernández, who obtained 5.4%. 8.8 percent said they did not know.

Regarding the intention of the vote, the PRM candidate obtained 52.1%, the PLD candidate 34.5% and the FP candidate 8.2%. 2.6 percent said they do not know who they will vote for and 1.5 percent said they will not.

Party preference. Regarding party preference, the PRM maintains the preference, with 44.4%; followed by the PLD, with 35.1% and the FP, which achieved 5.4%. The Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) obtained 2.4%, the Christian Social Reformist Party (PRSC), 1.8%, Alianza País Party (Alpaís) 0.3%, while 10.3% claimed to have no favorite party.

After asking voters about how safe they are to vote for their candidate, those who pretend to do so for Luis Abinader said they are very sure (91.9%), not sure (5%), not sure (2.9%) and do not know (0.2 %).

While those who would do it for Gonzalo Castillo said they were very safe (90%), unsafe (6.7%) and not at all safe (3.3%).


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