US Moves to Shut Down Family Remittances to Cuba

The US Department of State announced on Wednesday new sanctions against seven Cuban entities, for allegedly using their profits to “oppress the Cuban people and finance their interference in Venezuela,” reported Progreso Semanal.

The Trump administration chose the 89th birthday of Cuba’s supreme leader, Raul Castro, to further tighten the screws on the Havana regime and the Cuban population. According to previous estimates, at least a third of the Cuban population depends in part on remittances from family and friends abroad.

In a press release, the State Department detailed that the seven entities are managed by the Cuban military. Besides the Fincimex financial institution, which funnels remittances, three hotels; two diving centers and a marine park for tourists were also punished.

“Most of the Cuban tourism industry is owned and operated by the Cuban Army. We urge anyone visiting the Island to be a responsible consumer and avoid providing additional funds to Castro’s repressive and abusive regime, “said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

A Western Union representative told Reuters that the leading remittance company is studying the measure and declined to comment at this time.


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