The tightened government measures are not a total lockdown. “People are still on the street and can move into public spaces where others are also. Perhaps a large part of the companies is now closed, but if we tackle it radically, we will not have to be in a lockdown for so long and we will get rid of it faster. ” This is the view of Ruben del Prado, an expert in the field of public health.

He recommends a ten-day lockdown period. There can only be a real total lockdown if there is virtually no activity on the street. Only then, according to him, can a measure be effective. People are called on to stay at home as much as possible and only if there is an urgent need to take to the streets between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

It is not clear to Del Prado how the ban on gathering a maximum of five people should work. “Because you did not say exactly what this gathering should look like. You can have five people here and ten meters further another five people.” The chaotic situation in Albina can also be prevented or stopped with a real total lockdown.

Del Prado: “If you oblige everyone to be in the house, there will be no chaos. You do a soft lockdown when the enemy – the virus – is outside, but she is now inside and the response must be a full lockdown. ” The Covid-19 management team and also the vice president spoke of a ‘total lockdown’ on Wednesday. The official website now states that the ‘total lockdown is in soft stage ‘.


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