Dominican Republic: Clinics not yet recovering from post-covid economic crisis

Private clinics have been severely affected by the absence of patients during the covid-19 pandemic affecting the country, however since the beginning of phase 2 these centers have begun to receive patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and dialysis.

The information was offered yesterday by Dr. Rafael Mena, president of the National Association of Private Clinics (ANDECLIP), who harbors the hope that these centers can regain their splendor. These centers are currently operating at less than half their capacity, people are afraid of exposing themselves to the infection.

Likewise, in the case of patients who need surgery or any other procedure, they have begun to attend the centers in a timid way, says Mena. The mothers are not yet integrated to take their children to complete the vaccination schedules of their children. The situation of the majority of private centers in the country was complicated in economic terms, with the population that had pending consultations and procedures. Because of covid-19, people stopped attending clinics. Regarding this situation and the economic crisis generated by the epidemic, clinics, insurers and the Superintendency of Health signed an agreement to eliminate copays for patients affiliated with the SS.


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