Violent Protests Spread Across Europe, Virginia Gov Unveils Plan To Remove Statue Of Robert E Lee

As curfews draw nearer, it’s becoming clear that police in NYC and Washington will be facing another night of peaceful demonstrations, mixed with bursts of violence and hooliganism.

Brooklyn right now.

Meanwhile, in what appears to be the first confirmed case of actual involvement of white supremacists in inciting violence (mayors in Democratic cities around the country initially tried to blame the violence on the “far right agitators”, police in Vegas have arrested a group of men tied to a far right domestic terror cell, according to the AP.

Federal prosecutors say the three white men with U.S. military experience are accused of conspiring to carry out a plan that began in April in conjunction with protests to reopen businesses closed because of the coronavirus and later sought to capitalize on protests over the death of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis after a white officer pressed his knee into his neck for several minutes even after he stopped moving and pleading for air.

The three men were arrested Saturday on the way to a protest in downtown Las Vegas after filling gas cans at a parking lot and making Molotov cocktails in glass bottles, according to a copy of the criminal complaint obtained by The Associated Press.

“People have a right to peacefully protest. These men are agitators and instigators. Their point was to hijack the protests into violence,” Nicholas Trutanich, U.S. attorney in Nevada, told AP. He referred to what he called “real and legitimate outrage” over Floyd’s death.

The complaint, filed in the US District Court in Las Vegas on Wednesday, claimed the group were part of a “boogaloo” movement, which prosecutors said is a term used by “extremists” to signify an upcoming race war.

In Chinatown, most of the businesses that aren’t boarded up are just closed.


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