Suriname: Total lockdown is coming

The government is preparing a total lockdown due to the explosive corona situation. The Covid-19 management team informed the special crisis committee of the National Assembly, which includes both coalition and opposition, on Tuesday. On that day, ten new infections of the coronavirus were added, which increased the number of active cases from 34 to 44.

Some parties, including the NPS, have already informed their members via WhatsApp about the measures to be taken. It is said to be a “flexible total lockdown”. The authorities will be flexible on Wednesday and will allow society to carry out urgent activities. Supermarkets, among others, will be open until about 5 pm, so that citizens can stock up on supplies. Parties call on their members to cooperate with the authorities and to contribute to a smooth operation.

The Covid-19 management team has expressed its disapproval on Tuesday evening that reports of possible tightening of measures have been brought into the media prematurely. As a result, “an unnecessary panic response has been triggered in society”. It was emphasized that deliberations are still ongoing and advice on various scenarios is being considered. According to the team, President DesirĂ© Bouterse will come with a statement on Wednesday in which the stricter measures will be announced. Society will be reassured that “the measures to be taken will take sufficient account of the necessary needs of the people”.

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