Belize: Tacos, gyms and boledo are back!

The national lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic that brought Belize’s economy to a standstill has been eased for the time being, since Belize has no active case of the novel coronavirus. Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced yesterday at his virtual press conference that government is lifting some State of Emergency restrictions in an effort to spur more economic activity.


One stiff measure under the State of Emergency that is being somewhat relaxed is the maximum number of persons that are allowed to congregate at any social gathering. The number of persons who are now allowed at social gatherings has been raised from ten to 40 persons — an increase that will be particularly meaningful for places of worship. Prime Minister Barrow noted that churches “with the requisite space will be able, physically, to host congregations of that size.”

Another welcomed reprieve is the permission that is now being granted to street vendors to resume their activities. Barrow announced, “Tacos and other street vendors can get back to business, but will need to comply with certain sanitary protocols. Those protocols are being finalized and will be handed to those who have emerged as the leaders of the street vendor community between today and tomorrow.”


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