The Government of Barbados needs all the hands it can get at this time
to help with the work set before it of lifting the country out of its
economic woes, and helping to keep every Barbadian household afloat
given the current COVID-19 pandemic.

 This is according to Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Ryan
Straughn, as he spoke during a session of Parliament which focused on
the Catastrophe Fund Bill, 2020, where it was noted that Government is
seeking to repeal the bill and reengineer the purpose of the
Catastrophe Fund which at present contains over Bds $50 million. This
is in an effort to respond to the current pandemic and other
extraordinary circumstances that may confront the country in the

“I have heard calls in certain places as it relates to the size of the
Cabinet and all of these things, and the truth is, and I reiterate
here again, the country has to judge the government on the basis of
its performance, and in this environment if we don’t have many hands
lifting then we will find ourselves with almost one third of the
workforce out of work,” Straughn asserted.

“I cannot imagine how we can move forward if we do not have as many
hands at the table, Sir, to help lift this load and therefore, it is
important that the country focuses on what is required to get
everybody out of this hole, rather than focusing on who they think
should be tossed aside,” he added.


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