The public meeting where the official election results of Sipaliwini constituency are published is unlikely to be chaired by District Commissioner and Chairman of the main polling station Margretha Malonti. This is because together with other colleagues from Sipaliwini August Bado (resort Tapanahony), Trees Cirino (Coeroeni), Humphrey Jeroe (Boven-Suriname), Joanna Aroepa (Kabalebo) and Ludwig Mettendaf (Boven Coppename) have been in home quarantine for several days. The DCs had to stay at home after it was announced that Yvonne Pinas, district commissioner of Matawai, has tested positive for the new corona virus.

The public meeting is scheduled to be held yesterday. However, due to the changed situation, everything has been stopped for the time being. In order not to be far behind, according to Malonti, other colleagues are looking forward to continuing the work. “There are other DCs that can take over from us and we are now looking into that possibility,” she explains. Sipaliwini’s main polling station has finished counting. According to Malonti, they were preparing for the public meeting. For the time being, the DC does not want to mention any names when asked who will be charged with the management of this main polling station. It is also unknown when the meeting will be held.


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