Dominican Republic: Finjus says return to normality depends on civility

The Institutional and Justice Foundation (FINJUS) affirmed yesterday that the great challenge facing citizens at the moment, in order to return to the normality that they so much desire, “is one of civility, social commitment and adherence to legality and rationality”, and that economic support depends on factors that are not unrelated to individual and collective responsibility.

He said that it is precisely this situation that opens a window of opportunities to rethink before the citizens the improvement of aspects concerning public powers from the local and national level, but reiterated that any redesign or clarification that is made to strengthen the current institutional scheme of the Dominican State, must be accompanied by dialogue.

The civil society entity considered that the first step to take as a proposal directed towards citizen behavior before COVID-19, falls on the installation of a Comprehensive National Plan among the sectors that make up the nation’s social and economic life.
He indicated that this requires providing institutions with greater transparency and a better approach to citizens, “which means the democratization of decision-making, based on respect for the rule of law.”


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