Suriname: “This is very serious!”

Within two days, eleven Covid-19 infections were recorded, bringing the number of active cases to thirteen. The infected persons are linked and the source is also known. A special epidemiological team is responsible for the research. “This is very serious,” said Cleopatra Jessurun, director of the Ministry of Health.

She announced at a rush press conference on Sunday evening from the Covid-19 management team that mouth and nose coverings are mandatory for anyone who leaves the home. Furthermore, the other measures – washing hands and two meters away – remain in force. 

Daniëlle Veira from the National Security Directorate says the new cases are not related to the movement of persons that took place because of the elections. She explains that this moment would be reached sooner or later. According to her, the authorities had warned about this. Jessurun: “Our capacity is already under considerable pressure. We expect more. More people will be tested.”

The local spread of the virus also affects the strategy that has been developed. Rapid tests are now being used. Symptoms are important when testing. The fact that someone has been in contact with an infected person is not yet a reason for taking a test. These individuals are quarantined. The twelfth, thirteenth and fourteenth infected persons have all been admitted to the St. Vincentius Hospital. The other cases will be housed in Wanica Hospital.


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