Dominican Republic: NEWS BRIEF

In Santiago
Coraasan suspends water service for aqueduct work

The Santiago Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation (Coraasan) reported that it will suspend drinking water service in Hato del Yaque and La Canela next Tuesday and Wednesday to continue the work of connecting the Ciudad Juan Bosch-La Canela aqueduct to the Monsieur Bogaert canal.
He said that the connection forces the canal gate to be closed, affecting the productivity of the aqueducts in those municipal districts.

Students ask for their graduation

José Alfredo Espinal. Santiago . A group of 112 students from the internship in Medicine at the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra could lose a year if the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology maintains its decision not to allow them to celebrate their graduation on June 20, as planned, because they must complete their practical sessions. Parents and students explained that this group was withdrawn from their face-to-face hospital practices on March 17 due to the pandemic. Despite this unforeseen situation, the calendar ended, as many universities and their public and private centers have done. Although they completed this final stage of their studies with all the academic requirements, they face this.

Rafael Paz visits teenage mother of triplets

The 15-year-old mother who had triplets shared her experience with the candidate for senator of the Dominican Liberation Party for the National District, Rafael Paz, who urged him to continue his studies.
The young woman, who lives in the capital sector Villa Juana with her husband and her in-laws, told her that her plan is to protect her young Fabián, Fabio and Mario and her great desire to continue schooling. The children are in good shape.

Julio Lugo takes aid

Former Major League baseball player Julio Lugo delivered raw food to low-income people in Barahona. He was accompanied by his son, the player Américo Lugo and Alberto
Peláez Andino.
The donations were in Las Minas, Quita Coraza, Vicente Noble, El Peñón, e los Barracones de Jabid and others

Minister of Education honors

The Minister of Education, Antonio Peña Mirabal, yesterday congratulated the mothers and highlighted the important role they play in the formation and education of their children, especially those who during the coronavirus pandemic are also empowered by teaching, becoming teachers and facilitators.


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