AS officials report a flattening of the curve for COVID 19, there has been a call for testing and public messaging to be increased going forward.

The suggestion comes from Paul Gibson, spokesperson on Health for the People’s Party for Democracy and Development (PdP) as he recently gave his assessment on the COVID fight in Barbados.

Describing the novel coronavirus as a maverick, he said testing must be the way to go. In fact, he opined that failure to boost testing was a misstep of the current administration in the early stages of the fight

“We were saying from the beginning test, test, test. Wear a mask, cover your face and because this is what the CDC and other centers of excellence across the world were doing… but we are now doing it after the fact.!

“Nobody still really knows about COVID. If you are not testing you are really not doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Wear your mask wash your hands that’s good but testing… the beginning, the middle and the ending of COVID is about testing.”
“You talk about flattening the curve. You know that you flatten the curve when you can actually test and measure.”

Gibson suggested that failure to start testing early could’ve compromised the data used for modelling. “There was also something else that was happening as well. It was a matter of the software or package being used to do our projections and assumption base they were using…There were other models that were developed that gave us more accurate information in respect to when we should open and when we should stay close so I don’t know if the right model was used to measure in the beginning.”


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