Jamaica: Car Mileage Fraud In Overdrive – As Cracks Open Up In Screening, Dispute Emerges Over Inspection Certificates

Despite the establishment of a pre-shipment regime by the Government to protect consumers, unsuspecting Jamaicans are still being deceived by unscrupulous used-car dealers who are rolling back the mileage generated on vehicles in the country of origin to sell on the local market at a greater value.

Constant complaints of cars being sold with falsified information saw Autoterminal Japan Limited (AJL) being hired by the Trade Board to verify the data on vehicles destined for Jamaica, but Lynvalle Hamilton, president of the Jamaica Used Car Dealers Association (JUCDA), says there are still cracks in the system.

“We are seeing some vehicles that came in that we wonder how it is that they were inspected and passed,” Hamilton said in a telephone interview recently.

“There are times that we see some vehicles that we have had to question the integrity (of the process).”

Though Hamilton says he has “heard talk” that odometer fraud is still prevalent, The Gleaner understands that the issue has been a point of concern among the 195-strong JUCDA membership, with open warnings issued to members to avoid such practices, especially with the impending digitisation of the testing and inspection process at the Island Traffic Authority (ITA).


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